Moving Checklist

Four Weeks Before Moving

Tour your house and decide what to keep, discard or donate to charity.  Consider having a garage sale.

Contact doctors and dentists.  Get copies of renewable prescriptions.  Have medical records transferred.

Arrange to transfer school records.

Check homeowner's insurance to see if moving is covered.  Find out about insuring new home.

Transfer personal insurance records.

Decide which items you will pack and which items the movers will pack (if any).  Call for prices on materials.  Merit Movers price list is here.

Three Weeks Before Moving

Plan to use up most food items before the move.

Check and clear tax assessments.

Arrange to have major appliances serviced.

Use or give away any flammable ammunition.

Notify post office of your new address.  Notify magazines so you will still get your subscriptions.  The post office requires you to fill out a change-of-address form for each person recieving mail.

Two Weeks Before Moving

Make travel reservations for your trip.

Close or transfer all charge accounts.  Return library books and other borrowed items.  Collect loaned items, lay-away, storage, etc.

Arrange to discontinue utilities and delivery services.

Protect your shipment by disposing of flammable material, fireworks, matches, cleaning fluids, acids, pressurized cans, etc.

One Week Before Moving

Transfer bank accounts, and ask local credit bureau to transfer your records to the new city.

Arrange to have cash, certified check or money order ready to pay van operator before goods are unloaded.

If driving, set aside maps, games, snacks, flashlight, and other items you'll take in the car.  Confirm travel reservations.

Arrange phone transactions.

Start packing suitcases.

Drain gasoline from lawnmower.

One Day Before Moving

Confirm all your moving plans with your moving company.

Put cleaning supplies, toiletries and coffee pot in a special box to be loaded last, unloaded first.

Moving Day

Be on hand to answer questions, sign papers and make final check.

Preparation For
Your Move
We hope you will find this checklist helpful in your move.  It has been our experience that preparation will make your moving experience far more pleasant.
People to Notify

Post Office

Insurance Companies

Local Credit Bureau and Creditors

Financial Institutions

Magazine Subscriptions


Service Companies to Notify

Electric Company

Gas or Fuel Company

Telephone Company


Water Company

Laundry or Diaper Service

Garbage Removal Service

Cable TV Service