Packing Materials
File Box
File boxes are essential to pack filing cabinets.  They are designed to allow one to pack files upright and in order so file contents do not get mixed up and to ease unpacking.  No tape is required for these boxes.
Tote Box
Tote boxes are the 'work horse' of a commercial move.  They are large enough to hold just about anything that should be packed and they stack well on dollies meaning that a large amount can be moved quickly and safely for a quick efficient move.  No tape is required for these boxes.
Proper labeling makes the difference between a successful office move and a nightmare.  Our pre-printed labels give the information essential for making sure that the right item goes in the right place.
Merit Movers provides full packing services for our customers.  If you would like us to pack for you, we will supply the materials and manpower to fully and safely pack your location.

However, it is often more efficient to have employees pack their own offices or have employees pack some items and have us pack the rest.

In either case, we can supply you with the correct packing materials specifically designed for commercial moves.