Masonite Floor Cover
Effective floor protection is essential to a successful commercial move.  Masonite floor covering provides the best protection to your floors as file cabinets, safes, desks and other very heavy items are moved.  Office styles run toward tiled floors and expensive carpet and we think quality floor protection is essential to the modern moving company.

Panel Cart
Most offices consist of paneled cubicles.  We have found the most efficient and safe way to move them is via panel cart.  This allows us to carry out a large amount of panels at once, saving time, and prevents damage to the panels.

Commercial Bin
Commercial moves often involve moving large amounts of fragile items such as computers and large pictures that cannot be easily packed in boxes.  Commercial bins allow us to move these items quickly while still providing the best protection possible for these valuable commodities.

Dollys are the 'workhorse' of most commercial moves.  Most commercial moves have a relatively long distance between the truck and the office and dollys allow us to move your company's boxes, equipment and furniture safely and quickly.

Full Size Furniture Pads
We require each piece of office furniture or anything subject to damage to be padded.   Since quality furniture pads are so important to a successful move, we constantly replace our pads as they become worn and dirty

Magliner Hand Truck
Our hand trucks have full pnumatic tires to protect your floors, fully padded back frames to protect your furniture and low friction polymer skid bar glides to protect your stairs.  We have found this combination to be the most effective for an efficient, damage-free move.

Reefer Truck
A reefer truck is a hand truck for more heavy duty work such as very heavy file cabinets and safes.  Our reefer trucks feature ratcheted adjustable strap holders to securely hold the load and stair rollers with V belts on roller bearings to protect stairs.

Screw Gun
Each truck is supplied with at least one screw gun.  We have found a good screw gun allows us to quickly and efficiently disassemble and reassemble those items it would be impossible or unwise to move whole.

Fully Stocked Toolboxes
It can be difficult to maintain a fully stocked toolbox, but we have found the benefit of having the right tool for the job far outweighs the extra effort of keeping them stocked and maintained.

The Right Tool
For The Job
Merit Movers takes pride in our equipment.  We feel we have some of the best stocked vehicles in the industry and we maintain the highest standards of cleanliness and functionality.  We think you will be pleasantly surprised when we arrive and you see how well we are prepared to give you the best move possible.  Here is the minumum you can expect.