Commercial Services
Usually on an office relocation, employees will pack their own offices.  These instructions will help to insure an efficient and worry-free move.


Pack all cartons as tightly as possible without overpacking so the top cannot be closed or the top bulges out.  The movers will be stacking your boxes on dollies.  Underpacked boxes can be crushed and overpacked boxes cannot be stacked.

All contents from desks and credenzas must be packed.  The movers will be standing them on end to get them through doorways and items left in drawers are likely to fall out.
Glass desktops and large desk pads do not need to be packed but they do need to be labeled.
Standard upright filing cabinets do not need to be packed as they can be moved as is.  Lateral filing cabinets must have their contents packed as they are likely to be damaged if they are moved full.
Supply cabinets must be empty.
Bookcases must be empty.
Large pictures, maps, bulletin boards and white boards do not need to be packed.  The movers will take care of them.  Small pictures should be wrapped in paper and packed.
Makes sure all loose items such as desk clocks, calendars, bookends, etc are packed.  The movers will handles items too large to be packed.
Making Your Office Move Successful
Often employees are required to label the furniture and boxes in their individual offices.  These instructions can save a lot of confusion later.


L-shaped desks will have to be disassembled, so make sure to label both parts.

Please insure that your computer, monitor and printer are all labeled separately as the computer will be disconnected for the move.
It has been our experience that computers and phones are often in use right up to move time.  If there is no time to pack your keyboard, mouse or phone, please make sure these items are labeled.
Do not apply labels to the cloth covered areas of chairs and couches.  The labels tend to fall off.
Do not forget to label your chair mats, trash cans and telephone.  We have found these are the most likely items to be forgotten.

Merit Movers will supply preprinted labels for you to use, but if you would like to print out some labels for whatever reason here is a PDF document suitable for printing on standard Avery 5163 labels.