Tip Sheet
Make sure there is a clear unobstructed path to all exits.
Remove cars from driveway or areas were the truck could park prior to the mover's arrival.
Completely clear off all furniture to be moved .

Certain pieces need the drawers emptied: nightstands, endtables, coffee tables, microwave, TV stands and all desks. 
Toy chests and piano benches should always be emptied. 
Because of the fragile nature of antiques, they should absolutely always be empty of everything. 
If rain is likely on move day or the day prior, please bring in all outdoor furniture or toys to provide a clean loading environment in the truck.
Large flower pots and flower boxes should be emptied of all soil. 
If you choose to move some items and cartons yourself, do not place them where furniture is to be placed in the new house.
Pack all cartons to the top, filling with paper if necessary, to create a firm carton and then tape sufficiently. Label all cartons with magic marker in large printed letters, crossing out old writing. Some items by Law are not permitted on the moving van.  You should transport them or discard them - all aerosol cans, paint, and propane cylinders. Most important of all, be sure you have all your personal papers, such as wallets, purses, keys, checkbooks, house papers, medical papers, school records, etc., packed and plan on taking them with you.

Make Your Move
Less Hectic
We realize how hectic the coming day will be for you, so we have prepared this tip sheet.  If you follow the suggestions below, we are sure your move will be a hop!
Merit Movers cannot move unpacked breakable items such as glass, marble, mirrors, paintings, lamps and lampshades, computers, and other small electronic and stereo components.  These items must be properly packed in order for us to move them safely for you.

If you chose not to pack them yourself, it is imperative that you notify us prior to the move so we can bring the proper materials to perform the packing, as our trucks do not generally carry extra packing materials on the day of relocation.
Cost Saving Tips
Put your glass tops, pictures and mirrors in your car, that way you will not have the expense of your movers packing them.
Have everything out of you attic and crawl spaces