Some ways you can find out about the company you are considering:

Personal Reference - The best way to know the company you are dealing with is to find someone you know that has used them in the past.  Unfortunately, that is often not possible.

Better Business Bureau - There is some controversy on how effective the BBB is on reporting bad companies, but a search for a company on their site will show how many complaints they receive. The Better Business Bureau search form is here.

See What People On The Internet Are Saying - Below is a specialized search for consumer sites dealing with moving companies.  Like anything posted on the internet, the comments made about a company should be taken with a large grain of salt as anybody can post anything they like, true or not.  However, it will help you to find if a company has a lot of complaints and what kind of complaints they have.

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Check The Mover's License - All movers in New Jersey are required to be licensed.  You are taking a large risk if you move with an unlicensed company.  

Public movers in New Jersey fall under the Regulated Business Section in the Office of Consumer Protection in the NJ Division of Consumer Affairs.  You may check the status of any NJ  public mover license by going to their site here, selecting 'Public Movers and Warehousemen' under 'Type of Licensee' and typing the name of the company  in the 'First Name' field.

Check For Membership In Associations - The American Moving & Storage Association (AMSA) is the premier national trade association dealing with moving.  

The New Jersey Movers and Warehousemen's Association (NJWMA) is the trade association deaing with movers specifically in New Jersey.  You may check to see if a company is a member by typing in their name below.
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Know Your
It is an unfortunate fact that not all movers have your best interests in mind.  Merit Movers encourages you to research us or any mover you are considering before deciding on the company you will use.